The Art of the Soft Launch

As anyone born after the year 2000 will tell you, earnest and heartfelt Instagram announcements are out. Meet their hip new replacement: the artfully vague, insouciant soft launch. Study these examples, and you, too, can craft sly and provocative posts that make your friends go “???” and “!!!”

Soft-Launching a Tattoo

Soft-Launching a Haircut

Soft-Launching a Boyfriend

Like, a Cool, Artsy Boyfriend

Soft-Launching a Side of You That People Rarely See, to Demonstrate Your Rich and Well-Rounded Inner Life

Soft-Launching an Engagement

Soft-Launching Your Excellent Taste in Literature

Soft-Launching Your Presence on a Trendy New App, to Show That You’re Still (Just Barely) Capable of Learning Things

Soft-Launching Another Cat

Soft-Launching a Baby

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