The 1972 Andes plane crash that shocked the world

He argues that it’s not the point of the film. “This is a horrible story that is never focused on the horror,” he tells BBC Culture. “The way we approach the story is quite the opposite. It’s focused on the human aspect of the story and on the friendship, on the extreme generosity they had to each other.”

‘So much more’ to the story

The “generosity” he mentions includes a pact between many of the crash survivors offering their bodies as food for the others if they died. The plane had 45 passengers and crew when it crashed, carrying friends, family and players of the Old Christians Club rugby team who were travelling from Montevideo in Uruguay to a match in Chile. Thirty-three people survived the crash, but only 16 of them, all young men, were rescued.

“I did a lot of interviews with them, and at the time they were young kids studying at college, some were doing medicine or law, and some were religious, others were not,” Bayona explains.

“We have this scene in the film which is this long conversation they have about using the bodies or not, and it is based upon the real conversations we had with them.

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