The joy of ‘cosycore’ and hunkering down

The #CozyGirl tag has currently racked up more than 31m views on TikTok – and no wonder. It is, after all, a practical and easily emulated trend: most of us have an oversized sweater somewhere in our wardrobes, and the cost-of-living crisis has had most of us huddling under blankets, whether it’s a cute aesthetic or not. Cosycore is a way to aestheticise the basic seasonal necessity of staying warm: curling up on the sofa can now be as carefully curated as the lifestyle content of any fitness or wellness influencer.

And if that helps us feel less bad about spending January under a pile of soft furnishings, rather than posting personal bests on a fitness app, I’m here for it. But cosycore is not the only trend to advocate hibernating. Consider, too, the cosy girl’s evil twin: goblin mode.

This time last year, the term “goblin mode” had become so popular on TikTok, it became the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year. It defined goblin mode as “a type of behaviour which is unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly, or greedy, typically in a way that rejects social norms or expectations”.

Goblin mode is the opposite of the artfully curated aesthetic life; it might involve not showering and staying in bed all day and getting the previous night’s takeaway over your duvet covers while watching trash TV, and pointlessly scrolling your phone. The curtains might not be opened. Messages could go unanswered. There will almost certainly be very weird snacks.

In 2023, another charming equivalent buzzword was “bed rotting” – when you do nothing but stay in bed all day, as “self-care”. It’s the opposite of the active, optimising, productive lifestyle – basically, a reminder to take time off now and then, to fully recharge.

The concept of bed rotting was also popularised by TikTok, although older generations will perhaps know it by its former title: the duvet day. Scottish readers, meanwhile, may be reaching for another term – “hurkle-durkle” is their own handy phrase meaning to lounge around in bed long after you should really have gotten up.

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