How Harris Reed became fashion’s superstar

While his mother is Mexican-American, and his accent is Californian to the core, for Reed, London is very much home.

“I feel much more British than American. My father is British, and England is home for me, it’s a place I love so dearly. If I think of coming home, it’s London. My friends are all here. It’s the most incredible international city. “One month after Duet debuted in September, Reed wed husband Eitan Senerman. The two met on a dating app mid-pandemic in 2021, allowing them small windows of time between lockdowns to go on dinner dates. Senerman (founder and CEO of Spatial Innovation Lab) and Reed wed at Chelsea Old Town Hall, followed by dinner with their guests at Claridge’s. 

“I’d be lying if I said marriage is easy and perfect. It takes so much effort and love. It is amazing when I’m on a late train, or on set, or I have a cold and I’m really beat, to look at my hand, see my engagement ring, and I know there’s someone that’s there for me, who has my back. We live between New York, LA, Paris and London, so when we got married, I knew this was someone who’d allow me to spread my wings but not fly too close to the sun and burn out.”

Just as London, marriage and risk-taking celebrity clients have given Reed the sense of accomplishment and home that he craved as a bullied child, he hopes that Fluid: A Fashion Revolution gives an assurance to young people who take it off the bookshelf, and see images of Reed as a child through to the present day.

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