10 celebrities related to royalty

Tilda Swinton – Scotland’s Robert the Bruce

British actress Tilda Swinton has always had a regal demeanor. And apparently there’s a good reason for that: she is a relative of the Scottish king Robert the Bruce, according to genealogists.

How exactly are the two connected? Swinton, as it turns out, is 19 generations removed from Bruce, who lived from 1274 until 1329.

And while Swinton is an Oscar winner who has appeared in such films as 2023’s The Killer and Marvel hit Doctor Strange, Robert the Bruce was no slacker either: He’s famous for having freed Scotland from English rule. Swinton is related to Robert the Bruce through both her mother’s and her father’s sides of the family.

Brad Pitt – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II

Yes, another Hollywood celebrity related to Queen Elizabeth. In this case, none other than Brad Pitt. (Pitt is also another example of a person with more than one connection; his ex-wife Angelina Jolie appeared earlier in this list and is also related to the late Queen.) Small world, indeed.

Pitt, known for a long list of blockbuster movies including the Ocean’s Eleven franchise, is Queen Elizabeth’s 25th cousin twice removed, according to findmypast.com. What’s more, both are descended from Henry II.

Hugh Grant – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II

Is it really surprising at all that the charming Brit Hugh Grant is somehow royalty? After all, he has been royalty in the hearts of many movie fans for years. But his true royal connection is to Queen Elizabeth II.

The genealogy website Geni confirmed this connection, reporting that the Notting Hill actor’s royal blood can be traced all the way back to King Henry VII of England. As a result of that tie, Grant is the ninth cousin once removed of Queen Elizabeth. But Grant’s royal connections don’t end there. He is also descended from King James IV of Scotland.

As a bonus, Grant is also distantly related to legendary American figures including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.

Richard Gere – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II

Richard Gere, the lauded American actor best known for Pretty Woman, – also has a connection to Queen Elizabeth II. According to FamousKin.com, Gere is the 22nd cousin once removed of the now-deceased monarch, and shares her devotion to humanitarian work.

Hilary Duff – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II

A well-known actress, singer and more recently, businesswoman, Hilary Duff has one more claim to fame to add to this list: she is a distant relative of Queen Elizabeth II, according to findmypast.com.

Duff is related to Alexander Spotswood, a British Army officer who lived from 1676 until 1740. And Spotswood had a long-proven royal background that links Duff to Queen Elizabeth.

But that’s not Duff’s only royal claim to fame: she is also a descendant of Catharine Car, who may have been the illegitimate daughter of Henry VIII.

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