Get ready for Season 2 of Squid Game

What’s in store for series two – and will anyone be brought back from the dead?

Boelman suggests the voice on the phone may have been that of season one’s Front Man (Lee Byung-hun). And what decision will Gi-hun regret? Boelman suggests that threat refers to Gi-hun’s decision to try to thwart the Squid Game Recruiter’s efforts to enlist more contestants and dismantle the Squid Game organization.

“At the end of season one, the Front Man issues an ultimatum to Gi-hun, telling him to move on with his life and go back to his daughter,” explains Boelman. “The comment we hear in the season two trailer – in which Gi-hun is told he will regret his decision — appears to continue that threat from Front Man.”

To that end, Boelman envisions a variety of potential season two plot lines unfolding involving Gi-hun. “Perhaps the conflict could involve the organizers of the games kidnapping Gi-hun’s loved ones to punish Gi-hun for trying to thwart their sadistic games,” explains Boelman. “Maybe this could end with Gi-hun himself ending up back in the games – whether he is kidnapped by the organizers and forced to participate or secretly infiltrates the games to bring them down from within.”

“The teaser makes it look like a classic revenge thriller in the vein of something like [the French action-thriller film directed by Pierre Morel] Taken,” adds Boelman. He also believes season two may involve bringing back some of the characters from season two who appeared to have been killed off. 

“My speculation is that some characters we saw die in the first season might not actually be dead,” Boelman continues, adding that he expects Netflix will release at least a few more teasers before series two gets underway.

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