Docuseries exposes underbelly of children’s TV

The docuseries delves into sensitive and disturbing topics related to abuse, misconduct, bullying and toxic relationships. Viewer discretion is advised. “These [kinds of] documentaries shed light on how predators will typically put themselves in positions where they will have access to the people they want to target and abuse,” says Brady.

Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV is not the first such exposé of adults causing harm on kids’ TV shows. A year ago, a YouTuber who goes by Paper Will shared a video titled The Ugly Side of Kids TV, which got nearly 3 million views. While that video does not include interviews, Paper Will chronicles accusations of abuse in a wide range of popular children’s television shows, including Sesame Street.

If the Quiet on Set trailer is any indication, Nickelodeon as a network is not likely to be mentioned as much as the individuals accused of abuse and harassment. But “the biggest thing about these documentaries is the personal vindication and healing that comes with seeing your accusers being convicted, or at least vilified for their abuse, and the healing that comes from no longer hiding and being vindicated,” says Adeyemo. “We’re starting with the villain and actually talking to the heroes. And there’s a catharsis in seeing some of these people – not all of these people – get their justice.” 

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