Crashes and Community in “Demolition”

[Woman] Oh.

[car revving]

Yeah, we’ve had a hard year.

My husband passed away the end of February,

and then, you know, two months later my mother passed away

and then I guess a month later I totaled my car.

So, you know, they always talked about me doing it again,

so I was like, all right, I’ll do it.

[Man] 36.

Jacob Fisher.

34 S, Brandon Scott.

01M, Zachary Montreal.

99, Devin Broke,


19 B Walter Pierce.


Six C Dalen Cole.



538, Seth Carrie.


18 X, Justin Plumpson.


63, Chris Anderson.


72 F, Kevin Forest.

19A, Joe Armstrong.


22, Eric Hobby.


25N, Nate Dean.


Seat three.

My grandpa really got me into it.

I was really young, probably around maybe five.

He took me to pretty much every derby around

when I was growing up.

[intense music]

Well, my dad was into it since shoo,

ever since he was knee high to a grasshopper.

So we grew up around it

and we just, you know, just runs in the family.

We’re out there for the money.

I mean,

you got a couple grand to do a car, you’re gonna,

you’re trying to chase the number one position,

so you’re not just gonna go out there and junk yourself

or junk a car, just ’cause you had fun.

You know, it’s, we’re out here to make some money

and there’s not a hobby around that

I know that you could take a four

or $500 car, put a couple more bucks into it,

and then win a couple grand.

Mom and dad aren’t too happy that I do it.

Mainly dad.

Mom’s willing to sign the paperwork.

She don’t care as long as I don’t get hurt.

[audience cheering]

[Announcer] Number 18R.

Number 22R.

[audience cheering]

How about number 1495.

[audience cheering]

How about number 56H?

[audience cheering]

I used to have a lot of anger issues.

That’s something I’m not scared to say anymore.

So being able to, you know, smash stuff

and beat on stuff, it helps take everything out,

all the emotions that you build up if you build up emotions,

because I don’t like to talk to people about my emotions.

[intense music]

Well, I had a high school friend, best friend.

He was driving people home one night from a party

and fell asleep.

And so I run my car for him every year.

I can remember, like the very first derby I did,

my whole leg was just shaking.

My heart is like pounding.

And I remember just thinking, oh, I can’t do this.

I can’t do this.

[Announcer] Here we go!

Five, four, three, two.


As soon as that green flag grips, it goes black.

[cars revving]

Once you get the first hit, it’s like,

it’s just like you want a hit,

you know, you just want a hit.

[cars revving]

[intense music]

I’m just gonna hold it to the wood tonight.

I ain’t going out there for no money.

I’m just going out there to hold it to the wood.

I’m just gonna send it, make junk.

[intense music continues]

You get done with one

and you just are eager to get in the next one,

and you’re ready to get that high again.

You’re ready to feel it in your fingertips and your toes.

[guitar strumming]

You just want more and more and more.

It is an itch that you will have until

the day they put you in the casket

and you start pushing up flowers.

[guitar strumming continues]

♪ One is a number, a number is abstract ♪

♪ Extract is a thought ♪

♪ A thought is my mind ♪

♪ My mind is organic ♪

♪ Organic is cellular ♪

♪ Cellular is protoplasm ♪

♪ Protoplasm is psycho chemical ♪

♪ Psycho chemical is energy ♪

♪ Energy is electricity ♪

♪ Electricity is electrons ♪

♪ Electrons are atoms ♪

♪ Atoms are matter ♪

♪ Matter is dimension ♪

♪ Dimension is space ♪

♪ Space is distance ♪

♪ Distance is time ♪

♪ Time is waiting ♪

♪ Waiting is becoming ♪

♪ Becoming is rising ♪

♪ Rising is flying ♪

♪ Flying is freedom ♪

♪ Freedom is internal ♪

♪ Eternal is emotion ♪

♪ Emotion is ecstasy ♪

♪ Ecstasy is inspiration ♪

♪ Inspiration is spiritual ♪

♪ Spiritual is a dream ♪

♪ Dreams are desire ♪

♪ Desire is a promise ♪

♪ Promises are the future ♪

♪ The future is potential ♪

♪ Potential is perfecting ♪

♪ Perfecting is easy ♪

♪ Easy is flowing ♪

♪ Flowing is blending ♪

♪ Blending is communion ♪

♪ Communion is interchanging ♪

♪ Interchanging is becoming, becoming is knowing ♪

♪ Knowing is not thinking ♪

♪ Not thinking is being now ♪

[voice fades]

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